Miel de Tierra Reposado Mezcal (750ml)

Miel de Tierra Reposado Mezcal

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About the Mezcal:
Our Reposado is the perfect balance between pure, unaltered agave essence and raw white oak timbers. Only these two ingredients are allowed to remain, and the result, is sense perplexing.

Finished in Honey Casks

100% Agave
AGING: 11 months
BARREL: White Oak Virgin Caskets


The Miel de Tierra Mezcal Reposado (reposado = aged) represents the next stage of the three Miel de Tierras. Here, the maturing period has already been extended to between 8 and 11 months. The exact time changes between the individual batches and is intuitively estimated by the manufacturer. In order to be sold as a reposado  this Mezcal needs to mature for at least 60 days in the barrel (which it exceeds by far). The barrel has already given some color to the Mezcal and accordingly I expect a clear impact of the barrels on the palate as well as on the nose. This Mezcal won the Silver Medal in the year 2014 at the International Wine and Spirit Competition of the City of New York. At the International Wine and Spirit Competition in California it even was awarded a double gold medal for being the best artisanal spirit.

Aroma: Compared to the Miel de Tierra Joven this one turns out clearly warmer with stronger vanilla. The manufacturer speaks of balsamic notes, which I would simply translate as particularly mild and pleasant. The earthy and peppery notes are one again there and clearly show the basic character of this Mezcal, but they have moved somewhat further into the background. Compared to the Joven, the Reposado is interestingly a little bit smokier. But rather lightly smoky, as with a mild Scotch Island Whisky.

Taste: Wow, what a prelude! Vanilla, cinnamon, oak notes, honey and some cayenne pepper surrounded by a mild, earthy mantle. Very complex and multi-facetted, but not subtle, in fact rich and temperamentally. A great taste which compared to many Oaxaca Mezcals  offers something new, which definitely must not shy away from any comparison!

Finish: long, warm with spices, oak and subtle pepper

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