Michel Huard Hors d&

Michel Huard Hors d'Age Calvados
(Calvados, France) - [VM 95]

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Notes from the producer:
Calvados has three appellations: The Pays d'Auge demands double distillation and is usually made with only apples. Calvados Domfrontais uses a single distillation and must contain at least 30% pears. The largest appellation is simply called AOC Calvados, and its crus are spread all over Normandy. Spirits from these areas are normally made with only apples and are single-distilled.

Tasting Notes

This Hors d'Age release comes from a careful blend of barrels from 3 different vintages. It shows deep green apple, vanilla, and honey notes, a touch of almond, a soft mouthfeel, and a pleasingly long finish. A step up in development from the entry-level releases and a wonderful representation of the third Calvados appellation!

Ratings & Reviews

95 Points - Vinous Media:
Pinning down the term hors d'age is a moving target, but this bottling by Michel Huard stands at the older end, with a minimum of 10-year-old spirits, along with a significant percentage that is more than 25 years old. Golden-colored, it opens with a gorgeous, old-time nose - rustic in the best sense of the word. There's woodiness here, from the nose to the finish, but it is an attractive virtue, with deep and well-integrated. There's balanced aromas and flavors of tarte tatin, with notes of pepper and even salted licorice. In the mouth, it's expansive, like a blanket in the mouth that says "comfort me with apples" all the way through the long finish. This might be the Calvados to convert a bourbon drinker to the pleasures of apple brandy. An excellent value to boot for such a high-quality spirit. (AOC Calvados, 40% abv.)" - Jason Wilson (November 2018)