Mette Poire Williams (Alsace, France)

Mette Poire Williams
(Alsace, France)

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Notes from the producer:
For the Poire Williams, Mette has worked with the same fruit grower for years in the northern Rhone near Valence. The fruit is picked and stored in small wooden boxes (5kg maximum) to allow for further ripening. These small cases allow the fruit to mature at the same time. Overly bruised and rotten fruit is discarded.

Fermentation: The fruit is crushed and put in fiberglass tanks where its fermentation begins. No sugar or yeast is added and the fermentation proceeds naturally. The sugar and yeast interact during the eight-week fermentation that produces an alcohol of around 4.5 to 5%. The liquid is racked to remove the fat lees and the dry perry, still on its light lees, is ready for its next transformation.

Distillation: The eau de vie is made in copper Charente-style pot stills that allow double-distillation. The initial distillation is heavily laden with impurities and exits the still around 20% alcohol. The second distillation sees this liquid go through the still again and come out at 70% alcohol, but this time the heads and tails (with volatile esters or heavy fusel oils) are removed, leaving only the heart or purest part of the distillate. Approximately 11 pounds of pears are required to produce one 375 ml bottle of Mette Poire Williams.

Aging: Eau de vie is put into stainless steel vats where it will rest for the next six to eight years. The Mette vats are kept outside in an open courtyard and exposed to the chill of snow in the winter and the heat of long summer days. A small opening at the top of the tanks is covered with mesh, allowing the undesirable esters and acids to escape, while the flavor of the fruit further concentrates. The cold also helps the spirit to stabilize naturally. About a year before release, the alcohol content of the spirit is reduced to 45% with the addition of local spring water. The spirit is bottled by hand to order.