Domaine du Manoir de Montreuil "Hors d&

Domaine du Manoir de Montreuil "Hors d'Age 10" Calvados Pay d'Auge
(Bas Armagnac, France)

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About this apple brandy:
Patrice Girad's Hors d'Age 10 is on the older side with spirits at a minimum of 10 years old, as well as a fair amount more than 25 years old. The cider is made up of apples that are harvested from where they landed on the ground. The cider is aged in well-seasoned tonneau for about a year before being double distilled and transferred to extremely old oak to age.

Tasting Notes:
Aromatically this spirit is much older in style, with a smell of dried woods alongside sweet and buttery apple tart. On the palate, the spirit is warm yellow apples, with spicy black pepper, and a hint of vanilla.