Domaine du Manoir de Montreuil "Réserve" Calvados Pay d&

Domaine du Manoir de Montreuil "Réserve" Calvados Pay d'Auge
(Bas Armagnac, France) - [VM 92]

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About this apple brandy:
Calvados is a pear and apple-based brandy from Normandy, located in northern France. While it was once a simple crude distillate, it has since become a brandy of prestige, created by producers who take their craft seriously. Calvados has traditionally been drunk after a meal, partially because of its digestive qualities.

Twelve generations ago, the ancestors of Patrice Giard planted apple trees on this magnificent property in the heart of the Pays d'Auge and made a name for themselves by making a wonderful entry-level Calvados for an affordable price. Today, Giard continues to make outstanding spirits that drink well beyond their price point. His Réserve is a blend spanning the years between 1989 and 1992. Made from some 40 varieties of apples, it shows notes of luscious green apple & honey, and has just a touch of smoke on the finish.

Reviews and Ratings

92 Points - Vinous Media:
"An average of seven years old, Manoir de Montreuil Réserve includes some brandies up to 20 years old in the blend. Light golden in color, the nose is full of baking spices, which carries through the palate, along with honey, vanilla, and apple strudel. The overall flavor is subtle, with a note of chalky minerality on the finish. Like the Sélection, this is very drinkable, but the younger expression has a bit more liveliness and verve. Still a good value. (AOC Pays d'Auge, 42% abv.)" - Jason Wilson (November 2018)