Lemorton Vintage Calvados 1980 (Domfrontais, France)

Lemorton Vintage Calvados 1980
(Domfrontais, France)

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Didier Lemorton is the sixth generation at this small farm in southern Normandy's Domfrontais region. The Lemorton family has over fifteen varieties of pears planted on the property and uses anywhere from 60% to 80% pears in their cider, which is distilled one time by a traveling alambic in the early fall. The spirit then rests in well-seasoned 600 liter casks, some of which have been on the property since before the second World War.

Lemorton is widely considered to be the reference in the Domfrontais, partially because of their wide range of vintages distilled at the property (some from the sixties are even still available), but also because of the gentle aging of their spirits, which ensures that the complexity of the fruit always shines above supporting oak notes.

Calvados is a pear and apple-based brandy from Normandy, located in northern France. While it was once a simple, crude distillate pounded by factory and mine-workers before their shifts, it has since become a brandy of prestige, created by producers who take their craft seriously. Calvados has traditionally been consumed after a meal, partially because of its digestive qualities.