Lemorton 25 Ans (Years) (Domfrontais, France)

Lemorton 25 Ans
(Domfrontais, France)

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Notes from the producer:
Lemorton prides its Calvados as being much more delicate, which falls within the character that their region, Domfrontais, is famous for. The cider is made with more than half the blend being pear based. For the 25 Ans, the fruit is crushed and then aged for eleven months in oaks casks. The cider is then distilled in house alembic stills over a wooden fire. Due to the delicacy of the pears, after distilling the spirit is then aged for at least five years in casks averaging 30 years in age.
Tasting Notes:
Aromatically the spirit is floral, with notes of dried sage, warm baking spices, and ripe stone fruits. On the palate, the spirit is filled with fine toffee, and the juicy flavors of pear shine through beautifully.