Jacopo Poli "Chiara di Moscato" Wine Brandy (Veneto, Italy) [1750ml]

Jacopo Poli "Chiara di Moscato" Wine Brandy
(Veneto, Italy) [1750ml]

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Notes from the Distiller:
Single-vintage Grape Brandy, aromatic single variety, refined at least 6 months in stainless steel vessels

A range of spirits from individual vine species of a single year. Each individual factor determining the quality of the product has been brought to its maximum expression.


The grape ferments at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks and then is distilled with an ancient pot still composed of copper cauldrons working at discontinuous cycle. The distillate thus obtained is about 75% alc./vol. and is therefore brought to consumption degree by adding distilled water; then it is refrigerated at a temperature of -6°C, filtered and finally bottled.

Raw material: grapes of White Muscat from Euganean Hills (Veneto)
40% Alc./Vol

Tasting Notes

Aroma: flowers (rose, magnolia), herbs (sage)
Taste: sweet with a light touch of citrus fruit