Dingle Distillery Original Pot Still Gin (Ireland)

Dingle Distillery Original Pot Still Gin

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Notes from the Distillery:
In terms of its broad style, this is what is categorized as a London dry gin but the unique character and flavor come from our painstaking and original choice of botanicals.

This combination of flavor elements are macerated in spirit for 24 hours. Then, when the spirit is distilled, it passes through a flavor basket in the neck of the still. This process underlines the attention to detail that is an essential part of our whole approach to the art of distillation.

We use, amongst other botanicals, rowan berry from the mountain ash trees, fuchsia, bog myrtle, hawthorn and heather for a taste of the Kerry landscape. It’s a formula unknown elsewhere and is calculated, amongst other things, to create the sense of place and provenance. The spirit is collected at 70% abv and then cut to 42.5% abv using the purest of water which we draw from our own well, 240 feet below the distillery.

Peter Mosley sums up DOG’s unique character in a few words: “The uniquely Irish botanicals give a fabulously fresh, floral character that perfectly balances the traditional juniper. But, to be honest, you really have to taste it for yourself.”

Dingle Original Gin is best served with large cubes of ice, a wedge of fresh orange and a sprinkling of juniper berries.

Worlds Best London Dry Gin - World Gin Awards 2019
"Lots of interesting notes going on, both on the nose and the palate. Even a little bit of toffee and caramel too, which is both intriguing and unexpected. Has a bit of everything, but all nicely balanced."