Joseph Drouhin Saint-Veran 2021 (Burgundy, France)

Joseph Drouhin Saint-Veran 2021
(Burgundy, France)

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About the Winery:

Out of firm conviction, Drouhin has adopted a biological and biodynamic approach to viticulture. Listening to nature: from vine to glass, at every step in the elaboration of the wine, a profound respect and deference to nature prevails. From its very beginning, Maison Joseph Drouhin has aimed for an ideal of perfection and elegance. The style of JosephDrouhin combines balance, harmony and character, providing infinite pleasure. Thanks to its open-minded world view, Joseph Drouhin introduces the best of Burgundy to all continents. Its active presence in many countries is the surest proof of its desire to get acquainted and understand other cultures and styles of living.

About the Vineyard:

The vineyard site is at the southern end of Burgundy, just north of Beaujolais. The appellation Saint-Véran is actually larger than the territory of the commune. 

History & tradition: 
• The actual village of Saint-Vérand is spelled differently (note the final “d”). 
• Established by decree in 1971, it is the latest appellation in the Mâconnais region. 
• Soil: Jurassic limestone, a continuation of the chalky strata found in the Côte d’Or, ideal for growing Chardonnay grapes.

• Plantation density: 8,500 vine stocks/hectare. 
• Pruning: Guyot. Yield: purposely low in order to extract all possible nuances from the terroir. 
• Supply: grapes and must purchased from regular suppliers (long term contracts).

• Pressing: very slow so as to respect the fruit. Juices from the last pressings are not retained. 
• No artificial yeasts or enzymes are used.

• Type: in stainless steel vats. 
• Length: 6 to 8 months. 

Tasting note by Véronique Boss-Drouhin:

A wine that smiles and makes you smile! It is stylistically close to Pouilly-Fuissé, 
with its golden hue, its greenish reflection and its refreshing taste. The aromas are reminiscent of the ripe Chardonnay grape, with subtle notes of musk. A pleasant roundness coats the palate. 

2021 Vintage: 
2021 required great technical skill as vinification had to be very precise. The whites show wonderful freshness. Carefully sculpted, the wines offer citrus notes of lemon and grapefruit. They reveal some fine balance.