Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea "Voyage 28" Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Distillery Notes:

The Jefferson’s Ocean: Aged at Sea takes older bourbon barrels and brings them on a voyage through various ports around the world. 

Jefferson’s Ocean Aged At Sea Bourbon is matured in American oak casks for approximately seven to eight years on land, before the casks are placed on a ship and allowed to rest for another five to ten months at sea. At sea, the bourbon and oak casks are forced to mingle with each other as the ship rolls back and forth over the water. In addition, the temperature and barometric pressure fluctuations during the sea voyage cause the oak staves to expand and contract, and allow the bourbon to extract more of the tannins and flavor from the oak during its maturation. 

OCEAN Voyage 28 made another long run off the Baja Peninsula, through the Tropic of Cancer and down the coast of Central America. The air was hot and heavy with moisture. Rain would have been a relief but it never came. Our transit back through the Panama Canal was swift and smooth and while it remained hot and sticky, our final days through the Caribbean and up the Atlantic coast were smooth and clear. The humidity, dramatic swings in temperature and ever-changing sea conditions had the effect of bringing balance and richness to the complex array of flavors and tastes you will find in OCEAN Voyage 28.