High West Distillery "A Midwinter Night&

High West Distillery "A Midwinter Night's Dram Act 11, Scene 1" Straight Rye Whiskey 750mL
(Park City, Utah)

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Notes from the Distillery:
“It goes without saying A Midwinter Night’s Dram is our most anticipated launch each year,” says Brendan Coyle, High West’s master distiller. “We really started to notice it taking off in the past five or six years, and the line that now forms at the distillery bright and early on release day speaks for itself. We know consumers truly love this expression just as much as we do.”

A Midwinter Night’s Dram is High West’s popular Rendezvous Rye finished in ruby and tawny port wine barrels.

“Rendezvous Rye itself has a spicier, assertive flavor profile, so finishing that blend in ruby and tawny port barrels leads to a very well-balanced final product with a wonderful, dried fruit complexity,” Coyle adds.

Tasting Notes:

Aromas of poached pears, dried cherry, star anise, nutmeg, spiced Christmas cookie, dark chocolate mocha, cinnamon ginger cake, and leaves on a forest floor. The palate has notes of fig, cranberry, dark plum jam on rye toast, gingerbread, sipping chocolate, brandied cherries, winter-spiced mocha, and French oak spice. 

We recommend that you enjoy this special spirit neat, due to its many layers of complexity, next to a warm fire as the snow piles up on the window sill. It also pairs beautifully with fig cookies!

Technical Details
Ratio of whiskeys: top secret!
Filtration: not chill-filtered, or carbon treated.

Ageing: A blend of straight rye whiskeys, finished in ruby and tawny port barrels.

Proof & ABV
ABV: 49.3%
98.6 Proof

Age(s), Distilled by & Mashbill(s)
Straight Rye Whiskey:
95% rye, 5% barley malt from MGP
80% rye, 20% malted rye from HWD

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