Freemark Abbey "Bosche" Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 (Napa Valley, California)

Freemark Abbey "Bosche" Cabernet Sauvignon 2011
(Napa Valley, California)

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About the Winery:
The history of Freemark Abbey began in 1886, when Josephine Marlin Tychson became the first woman to build and operate a winery in California. The historic site where Josephine's winery, Tychson Cellars, once stood is now known as Freemark Abbey.

In the years that followed, Freemark Abbey went through a period of several different owners until 1966, when a group of partners purchased the winery. In only their second vintage, their Cabernet was selected to compete in The Judgement at Paris!

For four decades, until 2020, Ted Edwards was the winemaker, and while he is still on staff as winemaker emeritus and participates in various blending trials, day-to-day winemaking is now helmed by Kristy Melton, the winery's second woman winemaker. Since 2006, Freemark Abbey has been part of the Jackson Family Wines (JFW) portfolio.

About this Wine: 
Freemark Abbey’s bottling of Cabernet Bosché has been an established Napa Valley wine for many vintages. It was, in fact, one of the valley’s first vineyard-designated wines.

Tucked away behind a row of creek-fed trees west of Highway 29, Bosché Vineyard has, as of 2020, been connected to Freemark Abbey for 50 years. The first Cabernet Bosché came out of the 1970 harvest. Since then, it’s been what in France would be called a monopole, or a vineyard entirely under the control of a single winery.