Tenute Dettori Bianco IGT (Sardinia, Italy)

Tenute Dettori Bianco IGT
(Sardinia, Italy)

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Abou the wine:
This fresh, delicate white from the indigenous Vermentino grape is characterized by wonderful aromas, attractive balance and light fruit flavors. It is cold soaked for 2 days in an opened concrete vat. Nothing is added to the must, not even yeast. Just a bit of sulfur is used to stop fermentation and that is it! As a result, the wine may fizz a little coming out of the bottle and some deposit may be present.

Romangia is a geographical area within Logudoro, which in the Sard language means “luogo dorato,” or golden place, since it is considered Sardinia’s most fertile area, as well as rich and vibrant historically and socially. Romangia lies between Porto Torres, Sassari, and Castelsardo, facing the Gulf of Asinara. In Romangia, wine has been made for over 3,000 years. Sennori lies on a hillslope swept by strong blasts of the northeastern maestrale; it offers a magnificent panorama out over the Gulf of Turritano, with views of the Nurra maremma, the Asinara coastline, and even the island of Corsica. Its picturesque surrounding valleys are many, predominant among them Badde, Priedu, Sutis, Nigolosu, and Terràculas. Sennori opens like a Greek theatre to embrace a crop-rich landscape studded with olive groves, fruit orchards, and vineyards, extending to a plain boasting a vast wealth of remains of human settlements reaching far back in time.

"“I do not follow the market; I make wines that please me, wine of my own local area, wines of Sennori. They are what they have to be and not what you want them to be.” Alessandro Dettori