Maison Chanzy Vosne Romanee 2013 (Burgundy, France)

Maison Chanzy Vosne Romanee 2013
(Burgundy, France)

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Notes from the Winemaker:

The powerfully tannic but nevertheless perfectly smooth build of this spicy, opulent, and meaty wine inclines it towards strongly-flavoured meats with a markedly fibrous consistency which the wine can tame and envelop. Goodquality poultry, lamb (patiently oven-roasted), and roast feathered game are easy first choices. But a thick cut of lean, firm-textured beef will match the wine’s fullness, while spicy couscous with poultry will be equally delighted with such a wine for company. A less obvious pairing - with cooked fattened goose liver (foie gras poêlé) - also has its advocates amongst serious foodies. This wine has a sufficient force of personality to accompany intensely-flavoured cheeses such as Époisses, Langres, Saint- Florentin, or Aisy cendré, as well as Cîteaux.