Casamigos Cristalino Reposado Tequila (750ml)

Casamigos Cristalino Reposado Tequila

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Distillery Notes:

Casamigos Cristalino Reposado is made from 100% Blue Weber agave from the rich red clay soil of the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Our reposado is twice distilled and aged to perfection in American white oak barrels, then carefully charcoal filtered to restore the crisp, bright agave flavor found in our Blanco Tequila while maintaining some of the cask notes. The filtration process removes the golden honey color of the Reposado, resulting in a crystal-clear spirit.

AGAVE: Our agaves are 100% Blue Weber from the rich clay soil of the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

EXTRA SLOW FERMENTATION: Our unique flavor is the result of a painstakingly slow process.

SLOW COOKING: Our agave piñas are roasted in a process that includes traditional brick ovens.

Tasting Notes

COLOR: Crystal Clear

AROMA: Cocoa and caramel with hints of agave.

FLAVOR: Crisp and clean with notes of oaky vanilla bean, dried raisin and fig, with a silky-smooth finish.


SLOW COOKING: The agave piñas are roasted in traditional brick ovens for 72 hours, while most others steam theirs for 7 hours

PROPRIETARY YEAST: The Master Distiller uses a special yeast blend resulting in a consistent, refined flavor, unlike the commercial yeasts others use

EXTRA SLOW FERMENTATION: The unique flavor is a result of an 80 hour fermentation process, compared to the average 48


 "It does demonstrate value as a separate style of spirit, turning toward the caramel and vanilla overtones of an extra-aged tequila, while firmly maintaining the crisp, bright vegetal notes of a proper blanco." - Men's Journal