Arinzano "Hacienda de Arinzano" Blanco Vino de Pago 2014 (Navarra, Spain)

Arinzano "Hacienda de Arinzano" Blanco Vino de Pago 2014
(Navarra, Spain)

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About the Wine:
Propiedad de Arínzano is the oldest wine property in Spain, since 1055. Located in Navarre, it is one of the twenty estates in Spain to be recognized under the prestigious Vino de Pago denomination. Its mission is to create wines that faithfully express the characteristics of its unique terroir combining the most advanced techniques with an artisanal treatment through the whole winemaking process.

This is a complex, expressive wine that is fine, elegant, fresh and balanced. As a true reflection of its soil and climate, it is probably the most peculiar Chardonnay you will ever find in Spain.

Ageing: 12 Months in French oak barrel. 30% new, 70% second year.
Alcohol: 13'5 % Vol.

Colour: Bright yellow colour with green hues.
Nose: Intense citrus notes with light toasty hints, coconut, honey and dried fruits, like hazelnuts and almonds. Flower essences, like lavender and chamomile.
Palate: Sucrosity. Round, elegant, citrus and very fresh in the mouth.