Haley's Green Corker for Screw Caps

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The Haley's Corker - Green is designed for screw cap wine bottles and the wider interior diameters of screw cap wines. The Haley's Corker literally does everything. It is the world's only 5 in 1 wine accessory you will find on the market. Its unique design allows it to aerate, filter, pour, re-cork and stop wines. It is made of medical grade plastic , meaning it easily resists wear and tear.
Aerates, filters, pours, re-corks, stops
Aerator instantly releases full flavor and aroma.
Wine Pourer is drip free.
Filter screens cork residue and sediment.
Re-corker fits all natural, synthetic, and glass corked bottles on the planet.
Stopper provides leak-proof refrigerator side storage.
Can replace corks on liqueurs, cordials, single malt scotch, olive oils and balsamic vinegars.
Made in USA
Medical grade plastic (No taste or Odor)

Packaging Style: Blister Card